Crimean malacological site by Sergey Leonov
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Mountain Crimea, ancient cave-town Bakla
South Coast of Crimea, Balaklava, Chembalo fortress (Foto: Sergey Leonov)
Chernaya river near the outfall
A view on the South mountainside of Chatyrdag from Demerdji
Deciduous forest in Mountain Crimea near Krasnolesie
South coast, Gaspra, forest
A cave-monastery near Inkerman
Mud volcano near Bondarenkovo, Kerch peninsula
South Coast, cape Plaka
Winter night in Simferopol
Tavelchuk valley
Salgir river valley
(c) 1995-2005 foto Sergey Leonov
Crimean malacological site by Sergey Leonov () 2007 - 2012