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Leonov S. V. Distribution, populations' structure and biology of reproduction in Crimean molluscs of genus Helix (Gastropoda, Pulmonata). Manuscript. Thesis for a candidate degree of biological sciences on speciality 03.00.08 - Zoology. Schmalhauzen Institute of Zoology, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev, 2005.

The results of integrated investigations of morphology, anatomy, structure of populations, ecology, phenotypical variability and biology of reproduction of genus Helix molluscs in Crimean part of their natural habitats are described in thesis. It is shown that distribution of species in Crimea is limited by climatic factors and presence of suitable biotopes.

Specific diagnoses are specified. It is displayed that interspecific hybridization between H. albescens and H. lucorum assumed before is impossible because of exposed peculiarities of reproductive system structure. It is shown that variability of sizes and proportions of shell, phenetical structure of populations of H. albescens and H. lucorum is determined by geographical, climatic and biotopical factors.

The seasonal phenomena in life of H. albescens are traced; features and optimum terms of reproduction, character of growth of juveniles are exposed. It is set that spatial structure of natural populations of H. albescens has the aggregated character. Seasonal dynamics of age-dependent structure of H. albescens populations in the utmost is determined by climatic and biotopical conditions.

The distribution, quantity of populations and biology of reproduction of H. albescens and H. lucorum taurica data are developed to recommendation on their rational use and protection in Crimea region.

Key words: molluscs, Helix , morphology, variability, structure of populations, reproduction, Crimea.

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