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Leonov S. V. Р.В. Егоров и его «Иллюстрированный каталог наземных моллюсков России и сопредельных стран»
Leonov S. V. 2007 Predatory semi-slug from Crimea
Leonov S. V. 2005 At the history of land snails use by humans in Crimea (illustrated, in Russian)
Leonov S. V. 2005 Eobania vermiculata egglaying (photos)
Leonov S. V. 2005 Distribution, populations' structure and biology of reproduction in Crimean molluscs of genus Helix (Gastropoda, Pulmonata). / Abstract of the thesis for a candidate degree of biological sciences on speciality 03.00.08 - Zoology. Schmalhauzen Institute of Zoology, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev, 2005
(in Ukrainian, full-text zip-archiv of a doc-file, 77 Kb);
((in Russian, full-text zip-archiv of a doc-file, 91 Kb).
Available html-versions:
Summury (ukr)
Summury (rus)
Summury (eng)
Full-text abstract (ukr)
Full-text abstract (rus)
Kramarenko S.S. 2006 Analysis of variance of qualitative characters
((html-file with hyperlink content of the article, in Russian).
Satchkova Y.V. 2006 Fauna and ecology of terrestrial snails (Gastropoda, Pulmonata) of Forest-steppen Volga region (by the examle of Samarskaya oblast)
((abstract of the thesis for a candidate degree, full-text, zip-archiv of the doc-file, 341 Kb, in Russian)
Kramarenko S.S. 2006 Phenetical analysis of structured populations
(pdf, 375 Kb, in Russian).
Rumyantzeva E.G. Eco-biological peculiarities of Helix pomatia L. and the ways of efficient use of it in Kaliningradskaya oblast (abstract of the thesis for a candidate degree)
1.full-text with all images, zip-archiv of the doc-file, 1275 Kb, in Russian and
2. full-text without biggest images (maps), zip-archiv of the doc-file, 65 Kb, in Russian.
Ivanov A.I., Micheeva I.V Geological excursion on the Kerch peninsula. - Leningrad, 1966, V. 2.
Tables on fossilized molluscs determination
(tif-images in zip-file, 195 Kb).
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