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Chondrus zebrula (Ferussac, 1821)

Chondrus zebrula (Ferussac, 1821)

Source: www.animalbase.uni-goettingen.de

Please send your commments on my email (malacology@yandex.ru).

Thanks to Ümit Kebapçi who wrote:

I think this Ch. zebrula is a different (Greek mainland)subspecies which is similar but different than might be present in Crimea. Possibly the species does not reach Crimea nor Ukraine as the only subspecies tantalus reaching Balkans extends through Bulgaria towards Serbia (Forcart, 1940). This is the one likely to be distributed in any other areas but if it exists in Crimea there must be large gap (Northern Bulgaria,Romania, and Ukraine). The occurrence by the shore is already mentioned in Retowski, 1883 as Buliminus zebra Oliv. var.

The greek subspecies is weakly dentate and slender. As you can see like here http://www.biolib.cz/cz/taxon/id270718/ tantalus is stubby, pattterned, and strongly dentate.

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