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05.08.2007 Dear visitors! I want to make you a modest gift on the occasion of "Crimean malacological site" new hosting this exclusive "malacological" wallpaper for your desktop.

01.08.2007 Dear site holders and webmasters! I prepare the button and the banner of my site for exchange. To see the ones, come here, please.

27.07.2007 Dear English speaking visitors! I am glad to greet you on my renewed Crimean malacological site. An English version of the one will be introduced just after a few days. Now you could visit the page with illustrated Check-list of the Crimean terrestrial molluscs it would be absolutely clear for you, I hope. Later I will translate for you the whole content. Sergey Leonov

22.07.2007 Dear visitors! From yesterday "Crimean malacological site" start working on a new hosting. Surely, in site functioning could be observed some imperfections at the first time, but this problem could be solved with your kind help. Please, write me or leave in a Guestbook all your critical remarks on site content and/or site working. Thank you in advance!

16.02.2007 Dear colleagues, 16th International Congress of UNITAS MALACOLOGICA will be held on the Groenenborger campus of the University of Antwerp, Belgium, at 15-20 July 2007. You could acquaint with conference registration, accommodation, and abstract submission forms that are inlcuded in the second circular (download pdf, 286 Kb); also you can get an application for travel grants (download pdf, 85 Kb).

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