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20.11.2007 The Third International Symposium of the Ecologists of the Republic of Montenegro (ISEM3) is organizing by the scientists from Department of Biology of University of Montenegro, Natural History Museum of Montenegro, Republic Institute for Protection of the Nature of Montenegro and Institute for Sea Biology of University of Montenegro. The Symposium will present the knowledge of the modern basic ecology and environmental science accumulated recently. Each section will start by plenary lectures, prepared by eminent ecologists from Montenegro and other countries. The application forms should be sent by e-mail before 30 April 2008. Deadline for submission of abstracts is 30 Juny 2008. More detailed information is in the "First announcement".


02.10.2007 Mikhail O. Son had publish a monograph Invasive molluscs in fresh and brackish waters of the Northern Black Sea Region (in Russian). In the annotation author says next: This book is the first attempt to summarize all information on molluscan invasion in fresh and brackish waters of the Northern Black Sea Region. Species composition, taxonomy, ecology, and zoogeography of exotic species are discussed. Data on chronology of its expansion is cited. Particular direction of invasion "Black Sea Coastal corridor" (expansion along interrupted line of coastal reservoirs of the Azov-Black Sea Basin) marked in first. It allows exchange of exotic species between lower stretches of larger river basins in the studied region. Causes of distinctions in the invasions of Ponto-Caspian relics are considered. Forecasting of invasion based on analysis of potential vectors of invasion is grounded. Ancylus lacustris brevis Puzanov, 1925 is a junior synonym of Ferrissia fragilis (Tryon, 1863). Book might be interesting for a wide range of specialists. This work was partly supported by the European Commission 6th Framework Program Integrated Project ALARM (contract GOCE-CT-2003-506675).

I can add to this, that you could write to the Mikhail Son on his electronic address to order the book.

19.09.2007 An article about peculiarities of Xeropicta krynickii reproduction in Crimea (download an article, in Russian, pdf, 430 Kb) is published by Sergey S. Kramarenko. I had publish a brief article about first record of Tandonia kusceri in Crimea (download an article, pdf, 37 Kb), you can see this slug here and an article about Crimean snails of the genus Helix reproductive system (download an article, pdf, 407 Kb, in Russian, with illustrations). Complete list of S. Kramarenko publications is accessible on his page, my publications are listed in the section "About author". Sergey Leonov

01.09.2007 Congratulations on a new academic year!

07.08.2007 An article about the Crimean predatory semi-slug (illustrated)..

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